NAMES IN THE NEWS : Marla Tells Trump Unhappiness, Sees Story’s ‘Beautiful Ending’

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

Marla Maples says Donald Trump has wanted to divorce Ivana for years and Maples predicts her own love affair with Trump could turn out to be “a story with a very beautiful ending.”

Maples, 26, told the New York Daily News that the estranged Mrs. Trump is “out every night in London and New York, going on dates to her society parties, while Donald is at home raising the children.”

Ivana Trump said Maples’ charges about her being an absentee mother were “totally untrue.” Through a spokeswoman, Ivana said, “I see my children every single day. Donald sees them once a week at most--and has gone weeks on end without seeing them at all.”

“Beyond that, I won’t dignify anything Marla Maples has to say,” Ivana said through the spokeswoman. “She sounds just like Donald.”


Maples was asked if she would marry Trump once he is divorced.

“Of course, I would think about it,” she said. “This could be a story with a very beautiful ending.”

Donald Trump is currently battling Ivana’s attempts to gain a larger share of his fortune in a high-profile separation battle reportedly centered on his relationship with Maples, a model and aspiring actress.

Maples said she was shocked about a statement attributed to Ivana that the affair between Trump and the younger woman is over. Maples said she loves Trump and it is fair to say he feels the same way.


“I had nothing to do with Donald’s marriage,” she told the News. “I don’t want to be judged and I’m not a home wrecker.”