Tustin Computer Firm Expands Sales in East Germany


MAI Basic Four Inc. said Tuesday that it has signed agreements to sell $2.5 million worth of computers and software to six East German hospitals.

The sale of the MAI 8020 computers comes about five weeks after the company sponsored a product fair in West Berlin attended by several hundred East German hospital administrators. The fair was part of a push by MAI to become a major supplier of computers to East German hospitals as that country begins to modernize its medical facilities.

The MAI 8020 systems, an older-generation computer that supports up to 96 users, will be used for billing, monitoring of patients and other hospital uses.

The first system, worth about $500,000, was recently installed in a 1,000-bed hospital in Frankfurt, East Germany. The system will be upgraded next month, when anticipated changes in Western export regulations are expected to ease restrictions on the type of computers that can be sent to East Germany.

MAI plans to open a marketing and software development office in Leipzig, East Germany, in early 1991, said Gerd Steffen, general manager of MAI's subsidiary in West Germany.

Earlier this year, the Tustin firm sold computer systems to five Opel car dealers and two breweries in East Germany, said Bernard Jubb, an MAI spokesman.

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