SHORT TAKES : Porn Video Ruled Not Obscene

<i> From Times Wire Services</i>

After watching a sexually explicit movie in court, a jury agreed that the X-rated “Spermbusters” may be pornographic, but not obscene.

Walter M. Epler, a clerk at Pussy Cat Adult Bookstore in Largo, was acquitted Thursday on a misdemeanor charge of distributing obscene material. He was charged after renting a “Spermbusters” videotape to an undercover sheriff’s detective. “It’s wasting tax dollars to be trying to prosecute this type of movie,” said Stephen Bennett, a computer consultant who served as foreman of the six-member Pinellas County Court jury.

Epler was one of 15 people arrested last month in Pinellas County Sheriff Everett Rice’s crackdown on X-rated videos, during which deputies also seized 39 videotapes from several adult bookstores. Epler was the first to be tried.