P.M. BRIEFING : AAA Urges Gas Price Restraint

From Times Wire Services

The American Automobile Assn. today called on wholesale gasoline suppliers and retailers to use restraint in their pricing policies and not increase costs to motorists unnecessarily because of current events in the Middle East.

AAA also urged the motoring public to use similar restraint and not succumb to panic buying in an effort to avoid perceived future price hikes.

"If everyone acts rationally, the United States should be able to get through this situation without serious consequences to motorists or the economy," said J. Kay Aldous, senior vice president for public and government affairs.

An AAA spot check of 1,400 retail gasoline stations nationwide showed self-serve unleaded gasoline averaging $1.115 per gallon, up four cents in two days.

A separate survey of major U.S. refiners showed further wholesale cost increases are expected this weekend.

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