The Legacy of Art Seidenbaum

Art Seidenbaum kick-started my writing career in Los Angeles eight years ago by assigning me book reviews (which he referred to as "chores"). At first I demurred, uncertain of being up to the task. But he bolstered my confidence, guiding me with his editing acumen, and on many occasions rescuing my writing from sure consignment to the dustbin with his suggestions.

And he made an indelible impression. Whenever I self edit, I continually ask, "Would this pass muster with Art Seidenbaum?" The Irish have a phrase, " Ni bas acht a fas ," which translated from the Gaelic means not dead but continuing to remain alive and, in fact, to grow in memory with time's passing. Every time I write something, Art Seidenbaum remains very much alive for me.



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