Will Zsaga of You-Know-Who Ever End?


Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Zsa Zsa Gabor's ordeal, here comes another volley. To whit: The floral dress she was wearing on the day she was arrested is for sale at The Address, a shop in Santa Monica that specializes in new and used clothing. The brilliant pink-and-yellow floral print, full-skirted dress has a sleeveless black bodice and a matching floral print bolero jacket. The asking price for this moment of history is $500. Store owner Maureen Clavin says all proceeds will be donated to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. "SCENES" AT TWO MALLS: The Beverly Center has been chosen as one of two mall locations for the film "Scenes From a Mall," starring Bette Midler and Woody Allen. The comedy/drama will begin shooting at the Bev Center in the middle of the month. The other location is the Stamford Town Center in Connecticut. The malls were chosen for their architecture, interior design and unusual array of stores after a review of 100 shopping centers.

SERIOUS SHOPPERS: At 6:45 on Monday morning, fashion mavens began queuing up outside Loehmann's Beverly Hills store for its Fashion Preview for Fall '90. Few of the 140 in line were there for the free coffee and orange juice; they arrived by dawn's early light to receive tickets to the store's famed Back Room, where designer fashions marked down as much as 60% awaited them.

BIGGER AND BETTER IN A BABY BLUE BOX: Tiffany and Co. recently heralded its new, larger store, scheduled to open in September at Two Rodeo Drive, with a posh outdoor breakfast for some of its best customers. Rosemarie Stack, Lee Minnelli and Cesar Romero were among those admiring the unabashed baubles on display. So extravagant was the gem show that dessert--petit fours made to resemble tiny, Tiffany-blue packages--prompted one guest to quip, "That looks like a ruby ring should be inside."

ON THE FELT AT FRED'S: The pool table at Fred Hayman's Beverly Hills store had more actresses than eight balls rolling around it last week. Mimi Rogers (the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise) was seen slithering around the pockets for a movie magazine photo shoot, while Melanie Mayron (of "thirtysomething") was photographed for a women's magazine. Six members of the Fragrance Council posed on the felt for an upcoming London newspaper feature. Eileen Ford sent her Super Models of the Year to the store for a video taping to be seen in an upcoming television special, and Fred himself was under the lights as he wrapped up his "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" segment with Robin Leach. Then the Hayman name was seen throughout the nation when Zsa Zsa Gabor wore his logo-imprinted togs for her round-trip to the El Segundo jail, where she spent last weekend. Gabor arrived in a Hayman T-shirt on Friday and exited in the retailer's long-sleeved brilliant yellow sweat shirt on Monday. The Zsaga continues.

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