Kuttner on Stagflation

Robert J. Kuttner ("Stagflation Is Price of Reagan Era," Commentary, July 30) highlights some important points for us to consider in relation to our present economic situation.

But, unfortunately, the headline of the column and Kuttner's statement concerning the "irresponsible policies of the Reagan era" will tend to simply leave conservatives (in the economic sense) angry and economic liberals with smiles on their faces.

While I agree with many of Kuttner's observations, I disagree that the Reagan Administration is the only group to blame as the article leads the reader to believe. While former President Reagan and his Administration didn't always act as responsibility as they could have to support supply-side possibilities, at least they supported a shift away from the demand-management which created the stagflation of the 1970s.

Let's give credit for our economic situation where credit is due: to the Republicans and Democrats in Congress who are failing to make responsible choices and decisions for all of America. As long as political action committees and "bundling" ("Political Money by the Bundle," Column One, July 30) contributions influence the way our congressional representatives vote, the solutions for our economic crisis will remain shortsighted.

I believe that it is unfortunate, but true, that our present system will leave us short in the long run. Kuttner's statement, "There could well be no deal before the November congressional election," says it all.



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