PLATFORM : Hoping for the Best

I'm very concerned, but I have real peace about what (the military) is doing, because I know how well they train. (My husband has) always been confident in his job and the people that he works for. That helps, too, with our family.

Of course, I have to be honest. I'm not sleeping well. I sleep with the news on. I just try to be real supportive and pray a lot. At this point I'm not able to communicate with my husband. By mail, of course, but typical overseas mail. And I don't know at what point we'll be able to communicate.

My kids are probably a little more worried than I am because I have a little more experience with the waiting. But they know he's doing what he was trained to do.

I've tried to follow what the (Bush) Administration is saying carefully, and I have confidence in everything that they've done.

I would hope that (the men are) home on time, and that everything is peaceful, but on the other hand, you try and prepare yourself for the worst. I believe we're trying to prepare for the worst, but hoping for the best.

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