FOUNTAIN VALLEY : Coastline Car Sale Permit Plan Rejected

Despite pleas from Coastline Community College officials seeking new revenue, the city's Planning Commission last week unanimously rejected a proposal to let the college sell weekend permits to people trying to sell their vehicles.

It was the second time that the commission rejected the idea, but Coastline officials are expected to appeal the decision to the City Council.

The permit would allow automobiles bearing "For Sale" signs to be parked on Saturdays and Sundays on the college's lot at the busy intersection of Warner Avenue and Newhope Street.

Coastline proposes to charge a fee for the parking and use the proceeds to help pay for community educational services offered by the college.

Opposed commission members and residents, however, believe the lot could become a swap meet and create traffic problems.

In other matters, the commission received but did not act on a report from the city's Traffic Commission analyzing a proposal to relocate Wintersburg Continuation School to the Fountain Valley High School campus.

Although the traffic commission had reviewed the implications of that move, Fountain Valley's city engineer found the report inadequate, and Planning Commissioners sent it back for further review.

In a memo to the Planning Commission, the engineer called the Traffic Commission's calculations for future parking needs "unrealistically low".

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