Garden Grove to Review Zoning-Conformity Plan

A far-reaching revision to the city's zoning code, which includes a program for relocating or tearing down structures that don't meet city standards, has stalled at the Planning Commission.

At its Aug. 9 meeting, the Garden Grove panel completed its review of proposed amendments to the municipal zoning code, including a section on nonconforming uses. In the section is a schedule of abatement--how long a time a building or use would be permitted in an area for which it was not zoned.

While the effects of this proposal would be felt by such businesses as adult bookstores and auto repair shops, the planners were most concerned about homes in areas that have been zoned for commercial or other uses.

"The commission had concerns about nonconforming residences," said Don Butterfield, planning supervisor for the city. "Residences are something that are looked at as very precious."

Under the proposal, as reviewed by the planners, residential uses in non-residential areas could be "terminated" by the city within a five-year period. One-year extensions, to a maximum of three, could be granted by the city.

Because much of Garden Grove's early residential and commercial development took place before the city was incorporated in 1956, there are many properties in the community that conflict with city planning codes.

According to Butterfield, the nonconforming section of the proposed amendment will be studied, with a revised version ready to go to the City Council, possibly by year's end.

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