NAMES IN THE NEWS : Letterman: Stupid Train Tricks

From Times Wire Services

Superman may be more powerful than a locomotive, but it's David Letterman whose motive is a bit loco.

Letterman, host of NBC's "Late Night With David Letterman," was in this central Connecticut city Monday for the taping of a segment called "Smashing Things With a Train."

"We hope to fill up three minutes of television time," Letterman said.

The taping involved a train locomotive speeding along about 35 m.p.h. into piles of crushable items, including fish tanks loaded with gallons of guacamole, an ice sculpture, a big stack of melons and a superhero doll.

"We are just running over a lot of weird things with a locomotive," said Randy Cohen, a writer for the show. "If it entertains America just a little, then we've done our part."

The segment is for Friday's show.

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