OJAI : District to Continue Drivers Training

The Ojai Unified School District will continue to offer drivers training for Nordhoff High School students this fall, although state funding for the program is still pending, said district Assistant Supt. Leo Molitor.

"There's been some panic out there that drivers training won't be continued, but it will until we hear from the Legislature," Molitor said.

"We have not removed it from our budget. We are still going to offer the program, hoping the funding will come in. If it doesn't, then I'm going to recommend the board evaluate whether we should pay for it or use our money for other programs."

Molitor said the governor's budget vetoed state funding for drivers training programs in public schools while allowing funds collected from traffic fines to be set aside for the programs by a vote of the Legislature.

Nordhoff High School's program cost the Ojai school district $27,000 last year for the instructor's time, upkeep of the high school's two dual-controlled vehicles and other expenses, Molitor said.

School districts previously recovered a majority of the program expense from the state according to how many students were enrolled.

The Ojai school board approved its first revision Tuesday of the $12.8-million budget it adopted in June for the next school year.

"We are not cutting programs or staff," Molitor said.

"We have reduced site improvements for buildings and playgrounds, but we have not cuts books and supplies or materials."

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