P.M. BRIEFING : Perrier Drops ‘Natural’ Claim

<i> From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports</i>

Perrier, the French mineral water company that struggled through a contamination scare early this year, today agreed to drop its claim to be naturally carbonated.

Source Perrier agreed to change its labeling nearly seven months after the incident in February, in which traces of benzene were found in the world’s most famous mineral water.

The scare forced the company to recall 160 million of its distinctive green bottles of water, which grew to prominence during the health-conscious, smart-money 1980s.


The news that Perrier’s water does not bubble straight from the spring into the bottle actually came shortly after the February incident, but the company did not act to officially change its labeling until now.

Dominique Airola, head of the group’s marketing and industrial arm, said that by early November, Perrier will no longer claim to be “naturally carbonated.”

Instead, bottles around the world will bear the motif “natural mineral water fortified with gas from the spring.”