Countywide : United Way Reaches $5.6-Million Goal


Ventura County United Way matched its $5.6-million 1989-90 campaign goal and will continue to fund 64 local health and human-care agencies, United Way officials announced Wednesday.

“This will ensure help for one out of every three people in the county who will need counseling, guidance and emergency services through the United Way agencies for another year,” Charlie Lyons, United Way board president, said.

About 3,000 volunteers helped in the fund-raising campaign that began Sept. 15 and ended June 30.


About 76% of the money raised was through payroll deduction plans that are set up in 99% of Ventura County businesses. The remainder was committed by individuals, corporations and foundations, Sylvia Schnopp, United Way spokeswoman, said.

“The employees contribute most of the money through their paychecks because it’s simple and painless,” she said.

Local chapters of the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, Interface: Children, Family Services and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ventura will receive the most money from the budget, Schnopp said.

The largest contribution came from the largest employer in the county, the federal government. Employees contributed $763,555 to the organization, $438,000 of which will go to local agencies and the rest will be distributed to social service organizations around the country.

GTE Corp. workers gave the second largest employee contribution, $330,000. Martin V. Smith, the largest individual donor, contributed $25,000.