West Hollywood : Effort to Bar Poker Casino


A broad coalition of civic leaders in West Hollywood has formed a campaign committee to defeat Proposition AA on the November ballot--the measure that would allow a large card casino to be built in the city.

The committee, Residents Against the West Hollywood Poker Casino, includes all five City Council members, gay community activists, homeowners association officials and business leaders. The proposition is the only ballot measure in West Hollywood on the November ballot.

Proponents of the gambling club contend that it could generate between $5 million and $10 million annually for the city, roughly 10% of the club’s estimated gross revenues.


To make the measure more appealing to the city’s 20,000 registered voter, the initiative requires the city to earmark three-fourths of its revenues for the elderly, increased law enforcement, gay and lesbian services and the revitalization of the city’s east end, where the club would be located.

Opponents of the measure say the casino is out of place and far out of scale for West Hollywood.

“Our primary concern is preserving our special quality of life,” Mayor John Heilman said in a prepared statement. “No matter where a 200-table casino would be built, the impact would be felt throughout our tiny community.”