Reagan Plans Speeches, Meetings on European Tour : Politics: The former President will deliver a series of addresses and meet with leaders in the Germanys, Poland, the Soviet Union, Italy and the Vatican, his office says.


Former President Ronald Reagan plans to travel to Europe next month, to deliver a series of major speeches and to review recent world events with leaders in both Germanys, Poland, the Soviet Union, Italy and the Vatican, his office announced Thursday.

The trip, which had recently been postponed for medical reasons, is “part of President Reagan’s continuing communication with world leaders and (his) close following of world events,” spokesman Mark Weinberg said.

Reagan had planned to go to Europe in June, but physicians found some small adhesions in his small intestine and advised the former chief executive to limit his travels for several weeks.


The tentative schedule for next month’s visit calls for Reagan and his wife, Nancy, to arrive in Berlin on Sept. 10. He will address the “Forum on Germany” two days later, at the invitation of the Axel Springer Foundation.

He also is scheduled to meet with East German government officials, visit the Brandenburg Gate and confer with West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and President Richard von Weizsaecker before traveling to Poland on Sept. 14.

In Warsaw, Reagan has been invited to address the Polish Parliament, confer with Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and call on President Wojciech Jaruzelski. In Gdansk, the birthplace of the Solidarity movement, Reagan will meet with Lech Walesa and address shipyard workers.

Moving on to the Soviet Union on Sept. 15, Reagan is scheduled to meet with President Mikhail Gorbachev and speak to members of the Supreme Soviet in the Kremlin. He travels on Sept. 19 to Rome, where he has been invited to confer with the Italian president and prime minister.

The Reagans will end their trip with an audience with the Pope on Sept. 20 and return to Los Angeles the same day.

The former President will receive no honorariums for his activities on the trip, Weinberg said.