Prize Offered for Noriega Exposes


A Panamanian newspaper, sponsoring an offbeat essay contest on the "criminal acts" of deposed general Manuel A. Noriega, is offering the first-prize winner a free trip to the former strongman's drug trial in Florida.

In a half-page announcement Saturday, the independent daily El Siglo solicited essays that "explain and detail the criminal acts of the deposed tyrant (Noriega) and his followers."

The essay "could be accompanied by testimonies, photocopies, material evidence, films, documents and other types of evidence" explaining "the clearly criminal conduct of" Noriega and his followers, the paper said.

"This is an important and vital topic for Panama. We expect the participation of many Panamanians who have personal and incredible stories concerning Noriega," said Carlos Singares, editor of El Siglo. Singares said that all of the stories would be published.

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