Movie Reviews : ‘Repossessed’: Devil Made Them Do It


Is there no end to “The Exorcist?” First there was “Exorcist 2.” Then there was “Three,” which ignored “Two,” and tried to start over. Now comes “Repossessed” (selected theaters)--an “unofficial” sequel that might be designated “The Exorcist Minus 10.” This one is the dimmest, frowziest and dumbest of the lot.

“Repossessed” brings back Linda Blair--the demonically attacked Regan of the original, now a buxom, perky housewife with a different name--and a different priest (Leslie Nielsen as comical “Father Mayii”), but with seemingly the same old green vomit staining her housedress and the same old Mephistophelean nemesis trying to grab her considerably amplified bod.

Is this a bad movie? Is the sky blue?

Short of repeating all 237 or so of its incredibly limp jokes there’s no way to convey how completely “Repossessed” goes awry. On and on they come, endlessly: like a blizzard of stale pork rinds.


Mel Brooks and the old “Airplane!” troupe are the main influences here: They may consider retiring to a monastery in penance if they ever see what their disciple has wrought. “Repossessed” (MPAA rated PG-13 for language) goes to the devil almost as soon as it starts--though hell can’t be much worse than 90 minutes of these pea soup, “Love Boat” and Holy Evian Water gags.