Chevy to Edit Out Gay Slur on Sales Video

<i> Associated Press</i>

A video presentation made for Chevrolet dealers will be edited to delete a reference to foreign pickup trucks with a term of contempt for homosexuals, a Chevrolet executive said.

The presentation, made from 90 hours of taped interviews with 500 Chevrolet owners, contains one from a farmer who says he prefers full-size pickups.

“There isn’t no foreign company that makes any decent working pickup. It’s either going to be big, or some little faggot truck,” the farmer said.


“There’s probably no reason for us to offend any person or group,” said Chevrolet executive Bob Bierly. He said an outside production company shot the videotape.

About 6,000 Chevrolet dealers and salespeople last month went through an exhibit in Nashville, Tenn. where the clip was shown.