2 on Faculty Urge Trustee to Resign

Two faculty members from Rancho Santiago College demanded the resignation of college trustee Rodolfo Montejano during a meeting of trustees Tuesday.

Philosophy instructor John A. Velasquez and Librarian Douglas Toohey told the board they believe that Montejano is no longer a proper role model for the college and should step down from the post he has held for 19 years.

Montejano, 52, is reportedly under investigation by the Orange County Grand Jury for allegedly pressuring Santa Ana city officials on behalf of a client to allow the construction of eight billboards of a size larger than permitted by city codes.

“Because your behavior is in question, your effectiveness as a role model for our students has never been this low,” Velasquez said in a letter directed to Montejano. “If presidents can step down, why can’t board members?”


Montejano arrived 55 minutes late and was not present when the requests for his resignation were made.

Afterwards he refused comment except to say: “It must be election time.”