San Fernando Workers OK Pact


San Fernando city employees have ratified a two-year contract that includes salary increases ranging from 9.5% to 18.3%.

About 60 city workers represented by the California League of City Employees Local 690 voted to accept the contract in a secret ballot counted earlier this week, said Jane Herran, city personnel director.

The employees had been working without a contract since June 30; negotiations were declared at an impasse in early August.

But union negotiators reconsidered the city's final offer after the City Council on Aug. 20 imposed a one-year contract on the union that provided for a 5.49% raise, Herran said. The union represents all city workers with the exception of police officers and management personnel.

Under the new contract, Herran said, all workers covered by the contract will receive a 4% salary increase retroactive to Aug. 1 and another 1.5% pay raise effective Dec. 29. During the contract's second year, beginning June 29, employees will receive a minimum 4% and a maximum 6% pay hike, depending on the consumer price index, Herran said.

Community service officers in the Police Department will receive an additional 4.4% pay hike in the first year and another 4.4% during the second year of the contract, Herran said. The contract also gives police clerks and certain Water Department employees additional pay increases.

The union had asked for a pay increase of 6% for the first six months and an additional 2% for the second half of the first year of the contract. It sought a cost-of-living increase plus 2% for the second year.

Herran said the contract also calls for an increase in bonus pay for bilingual workers. In addition, the city agreed for the first time to pay the full cost of employees' medical, dental and vision care, she said.

The City Council approved the contract earlier this month, Herran said.

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