ANAHEIM : Youth Group Plans Open House Today

Two months ago, Golden Opportunity Youth Assn. members thought they had finally made the big leagues.

GOYA was no longer an informally structured youth group. Association members were able to set up shop in the back room of the Anaheim Independencia Community Center. They had a telephone and a few volunteers.

Now, after meeting with dozens of youths in gang-plagued neighborhoods and counseling teen-agers to join alternative activities and prepare for college, the association is ready to formally open its doors.

GOYA will host an open house from 2 to 4 p.m. today at the Anaheim Independencia Center, 10841 Garza Ave., to encourage youths to participate in upcoming programs.


Dannue Mayo, a key GOYA leader, is disappointed that the city is not providing any financial support, especially after Turning Point, a similar teen counseling program, was forced to close earlier this year.

But he said he is determined to see his program survive. “We’re working with no budget,” said Mayo. “We’re doing this and we’re doing that. We just got to keep going, keep on trying to help the youth.”