Looking at the Relationship Between Women and Hollywood : Analyzing the Success of 'Ghost'

What an incredible idea! A movie succeeds "conceptually, on its own terms."

I'm sure that there are a few studio executives who believe that "Ghost" is a success only because the womenfolk like to see Patrick Swayze with his shirt off.

No, kids. "Ghost" is successful because it manages to combine suspense, romance and humor in a way unique in my experience.

This movie does not rely on its male star because it cannot: It is too complex.

Heads up, studios. If you put together a good concept, good storytellers, creative production people and skilled performers, you don't need a big-name male star. If you don't do this, the star won't help.

You might even discover that it's often the movie that makes the star, rather than the other way around.

I can't help but wonder what Kate Capshaw or Sigourney Weaver might have done with the Indiana Jones role.


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