Rapist Lawrence Singleton Accused of Theft

Associated Press

A man who served eight years in prison in California for raping a teen-ager and chopping off her forearms has been arrested for the second time this year on a shoplifting charge, accused of trying to steal a $4 hat.

A security guard at a suburban Wal-Mart called police Friday and said that the man, Lawrence Singleton, paid for some diapers but not a white hat.

He was stopped by employees after leaving the store and gave a phony name, according to an arrest report. Singleton, 63, gave his name as Bill Johnson when a sheriff’s deputy arrived.

The deputy warned the Tampa native that giving a false identity is a crime, but Singleton insisted his name was Johnson, the report said.


He was cited on charges of petty theft and resisting arrest without violence.

Singleton was not taken to jail. He was released after signing a misdemeanor citation and was ordered to appear in court Jan. 2.