The Line in the Sand : The Fate of Kuwait and Beyond

The way the President sometimes comes across, he must think there is nothing wrong in the Persian Gulf that a little war won't cure. To those at the Langlois' table, George Bush at times seems a little trigger happy. They hope he will be patient. Or at least send some of his own sons over there.

Didn't America learn anything during the Cold War? Donna asked: "We won that one with our endurance. If that one took 40 years, I don't see why we have to win this one in four months."

Donna's friend Sue Bini had come by for the Thanksgiving meal. She is a parent, too. The whole crisis reminds her of the way children play in a sandbox.

"You have to teach them," Sue said. "You tell them, 'C'mon, don't fight. You have to learn to share.'

"Why can't the world be like that?"

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