Wrapping a Rapper

THE SHOW: "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"(NBC, Mondays, 8 p.m.)

THE SETUP: Will Smith plays "the Fresh Prince" (also his real-life rap moniker), a kid from a tough Philly neighborhood whose parents send him to live with his well-to-do uncle Philip Banks (James Avery) and his family in Bel-Air. The frequent clashes between the young rapper and the upper-crust set provide sparks. And also some smooth dance steps.

THE LOOK: Smith (pictured) frequently wears bright, extra-large shirts, extra-large baggy pants in neon colors. His look is fresh, young and unrestricted, especially compared to Carlton, his totally preppy cousin.

"We're taking our cue from Will Smith/Fresh Prince. He is the character, so his wardrobe for the show is pretty much what he'd wear himself," said the show's costume designer, Judy Richman.

THE LABELS: The Westside Pavilion's young contemporary shops provide Richman with a lot of that fresh stuff. At DJ's, she gets men's sportswear, silk jackets with matching pants in a variety of colors and dressy unstructured blazers. At GHQ, Richman finds bright shirts and jeans. The shoes that allow the Prince to hip-hop are Nike Air Jordans (the kind you fill with air) and Reeboks.

The yuppie relatives dress to blend into the Bel-Air landscape. Clothes come from Neiman Marcus, Maxfield boutique on Melrose, Modasport and Carroll & Co. in Beverly Hills.

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