Iraqis Supply U.S. Embassy in Kuwait

From Associated Press

Americans who have been living off canned tuna and rice at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait have received fruit, vegetables and a case of cigarettes from the Iraqis, President Bush disclosed today.

A group of Iraqis who showed up with the goods Thursday said they would return with a second delivery, including soft drinks, on Saturday, Bush said during televised remarks on the Persian Gulf crisis.

Bush said the Iraqis also told the Americans to make a list of medical supplies they need.

He called the Iraqis’ move an “interesting development” but noted that electricity is still cut off at the American Embassy compound in Iraq-occupied Kuwait, where eight U.S. diplomats and 19 private citizens are holding out.


“This could be a positive sign, but it’s so far short of compliance with international law that I can’t be rejoicing,” Bush said.

Bush, who said he had received the report of the delivery this morning, said he had been asked what would happen if the Iraqis provoked him regarding the Americans still holding out at the U.S. outpost.

“Consider me provoked when I see Americans without proper food and medical equipment,” he said.