COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS : 37 Spring Classes Are Canceled

Some College of the Canyons students in the Santa Clarita Valley are being forced to rearrange their schedules after 37 classes from the spring schedule were canceled.

In addition, summer school remains uncertain because of budget problems.

The first day of registration this week, with 680 students signing up for classes, marked the largest in the college’s history, according to the admissions office.

Business major Dawn Herbert waited in line two hours. “Two of my classes were cut, so I had to redo my schedule,” she said.


“I can see the administration’s point of view, but it’s hard because we want to get out of here,” Herbert said.

James Walker, assistant superintendent-vice president, said that some of the 37 classes may be reopened to replace other classes that show poor enrollment during the registration period, which continues through December.

The college used $270,000 from reserve accounts to balance its budget during spring and fall semesters so that the number of classes could remain intact.

“We could have taken money out again for spring 1991. But you have to reach a point where you say that’s enough,” Walker said.


College administrators will not decide for several months whether to hold summer school.

“The decision is whether or not to put $75,000 into the ’91-'92 class schedules” or to use it to run summer school, Walker said.

Summer school enrollment ranges from 900 to 1,000 students.