Bikes to Be Allowed on Blue Line Trains

There’s good news for bicyclists who want to bring their wheels with them on Blue Line trains: It’s OK, during weekends and holidays, if the cyclists get a $3 permit in advance.

If the paperwork doesn’t get tangled in the spokes, the bikes may be allowed every day after a trial period ends.

Transit officials announced Friday in Los Angeles that during a six-month trial beginning New Year’s Day, bicycles will be allowed on the light-rail cars on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year’s Day and Memorial Day.

“The condition is that cyclists must obtain a permit in advance to show they have read the rules,” said Nick Patsaouras, board president of the Southern California Rapid Transit District.


Bicycles will only be allowed at the rear of each car and only two bikes will be permitted per car. Bike riders would board and exit the trains in the rear, and would not be allowed to ride on the station platforms.