Kadafi Sees Iraq as Future U.S. Friend


Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, comparing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to Egypt’s slain leader Anwar Sadat, said Sunday that Iraq might emerge from the Persian Gulf crisis a friend of the United States and Israel.

“History always repeats itself,” Kadafi said in a speech to political science students at Fatah University in Tripoli.

He said President Sadat, gunned down by Muslim zealots in 1981, entered the 1973 Arab-Israeli War a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel, as Iraq is now. “He (Sadat) emerged from the war their closest friend,” he said.

Sadat and Kadafi became arch-enemies shortly after that war because of ideological and other issues.


“Iraq can one day be another Egypt . . . whether the confrontation over Kuwait ends peacefully or through war,” said Kadafi, quoted by the official Libyan news agency Jana.