WORLD : Honecker Enters Soviet Hospital

From Times Wire Services

Disgraced East German leader Erich Honecker, facing arrest on manslaughter charges, was moved to a Soviet military hospital heart clinic today because of high blood pressure, a spokesman said.

Berlin’s Justice Department issued a warrant Saturday for the 78-year-old ex-Communist Party chief, who has been living on the grounds of the hospital in Beelitz, south of Berlin, with his wife since April.

The Justice Department said it has evidence that Honecker gave a shoot-to-kill order leading to the deaths of 190 on the Berlin Wall and East-West German border.

Soviet spokesman Igor Molotkin, speaking to reporters outside the gates of the Beelitz hospital, could not say how long Honecker will be in the heart clinic.


German police can arrest Honecker only with the agreement of the Soviet military authorities.