Films going into production: Agaguk...

Films going into production: Agaguk (tentative title) (Agaguk Films/Eiffel Prods.). Shooting in Montreal. Lou Diamond Phillips plays the title character in this look at a young Eskimo man who leaves the tribe in the ‘30s and settles in a more populated environment. Executive producers Charles Smiley and John Quested. Producer Claude Leger. Director Jacques Dorfmann. Screenwriters Rudolf Wurlitzer and Evan Jones. Distributor Goldcrest.

Dance With Death (Concorde). Shooting in Los Angeles. The seedier side of L.A. is dredged up in this thriller concerning exotic dancers and a terrorizing presence that lurks behind their every bump and grind. Producer Mike Elliott. Director Charles Phillip Moore. Screenwriter Daryl Haney. Stars Maxwell Caulfield, Mike McDonald, Rodger Hall and Maria Ford.

Mobsters (Universal). Shooting in Los Angeles. Heartthrobs Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey and Richard Grieco are the top trio in this true-to-life account of organized crime’s heyday, circa 1917-1930. Charles (Lucky) Luciano and legendary numbers man Meyer Lansky will be depicted, among others. Producer Steve Roth. Director Michael Karbelnikoff. Screenwriter Nick Kazan.

Resident Alien (Granite Prods.). Shooting in Minnesota. This sci-fi comedy concerns a UFO crash in a small Minnesota town and the effect it has on two of its down-on-their-luck inhabitants. Producer Dale Newton. Director John Gaspard. Screenwriter Newton. Stars Patrick Coyle, Nesba Crenshaw and Mark Gleason.


Warshawski (Chestnut Hill Prods.). Shooting in Chicago and Los Angeles. Kathleen Turner plays the tough-talking but sexy private eye from the best-selling Sara Paretsky series. Warshawski is hired by the 13-year-old daughter of a murder victim to nab the culprit but soon they’re both confronted with the seamier side of Chicago’s shipping industry. Executive producers Penney Finkelman Cox and John P. Marsh. Producer Jeffrey Lurie. Director Jeff Kanew. Screenwriting credit undetermined. Also stars Jay O. Sanders, Angela Goethals and Stephen Meadows. Distributor Buena Vista.

Welcome to Buzzsaw (Universal). Shooting in Santa Cruz. Buzzsaw is the fictional, barren logging town where financial broker Matthew Broderick has his wallet stolen. What’s significant about the theft is the phone number worth $60 million inside the trifold that Broderick must retrieve. Producers Robert Cort and Karen Murphy. Director Francis Veber. Screenwriters Joshua and Daniel Goldin.