Lawndale May Amend Condo Ordinance


The Lawndale City Council voted unanimously Thursday to consider amending a controversial condominium ordinance to allow developers to use part of the front setback to fulfill recreational-space requirements for individual units.

At a public hearing before the vote, several people, including Planning Commissioner Bruce McKee, spoke against the amendment, saying it would simply allow developers to build larger units.

Although the condominium ordinance was designed to allow development on only the largest of lots, the amendment “is an attempt to qualify all lots” for development, McKee said. He was the only member of the Planning Commission who recommended against passage.

Lawndale resident Steve Mino agreed. “I think this thing should be turned down because we don’t have enough open space as it is now,” Mino said.


Developers have claimed that the condominium ordinance, passed in February, requires too much open space, but some council members have said the new standards are too lenient.

After the hearing, Councilman Larry Rudolph said he was concerned about what effect the amendment would have on lots that have access from both the front and the rear units, and Councilwoman Carol Norman criticized it for not providing enough open space.

Despite their concerns, the council finally agreed to consider the issue at its next meeting but advised the Planning Commission to review the entire condominium ordinance and to come back with suggestions on how to improve it.