COUNTYWIDE : Signs OKd to Locate Freeway On-Ramps

Help is on the way for motorists mystified about which side of the street to be on when looking for the next freeway on-ramp.

The Orange County Transportation Commission voted Monday to spend $250,000 to design and install signs that give drivers plenty of advance warning about ramp locations.

“Heavy traffic can make it difficult to change lanes at the last minute for a left or right turn to the freeway on-ramp,” according to an OCTC staff report, “so the additional prior signs will have substantial traffic benefit, reducing indecision and the traffic interference that comes with cross lane weaving at slow speeds.”

The money allocated Monday is expected to provide about 100 signs, scheduled to be installed next April and May. In a recent survey, 15 cities and the county nominated 44 freeway approaches for such signs.


Officials said the new signs may be modeled after a sign posted by the city of Anaheim on Katella Avenue before Haster Street, which reads “Santa Ana Freeway” across the top and “Los Angeles left lane” and “San Diego right lane” across the bottom.

The signs were suggested during OCTC’s “100 Traffic Solutions” program, in which the public was invited to submit ideas for speeding traffic flow. An evaluation team then ranked the proposals according to each one’s feasibility.