Bad Memory: The first thing retired Gen....

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Bad Memory: The first thing retired Gen. Alexander M. Haig Jr. said when he stepped up to the microphone at the recent Symphony Ball at the Sheraton Washington was: “I’m in charge.” There was a ripple of laughter through the audience at the phrase that caused so much criticism when he made it on that day in 1981 when then-President Ronald Reagan was wounded. Warming to his subject, Haig said all the criminals aren’t in jail: Some are in Congress. Some members of Congress were in the audience.

Experience Shows: Donald Trump’s expertise on marital affairs was on display at a weekend dinner in Atlantic City, N.J., where boxer Sugar Ray Leonard was presented an award in memory of Mark Etess, a Trump executive who died in a helicopter crash last year. Trump praised Etess’ marriage to his wife, Lauren: “They had one of the truly great marriages--and I’m an expert on this.”

Sew Hot: Basketball star Michael Jordan says there’s more to clothes than just wearing them--he can make them, too. “I took home-ec,” Jordan said in People magazine. “I made a shirt and I can hem and cut out patterns. I can do all that stuff.” Jordan won’t be doing all that stuff, but he will be picking out fabrics and designs for his new line of evening wear, which comes off the bench in February.

Big Giver: Walter Annenberg received Town & Country magazine’s 1990 Generous American award at a luncheon Monday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The entrepreneur was noted for his recent $50-million donation to the United Negro College Fund and was credited by the magazine for “not just giving big but thinking big as well.”