Award Honors Fight Against AIDS

A San Diego Unified School District manager was presented this year’s Dr. A. Brad Truax Award on Wednesday night for his work in the fight against AIDS.

Edward S. Fletcher, 59, the city schools’ health services director, was chosen for the second annual award for his efforts to prevent AIDS through education, said Penn Lerblance, chairman of the San Diego County Regional Task Force on AIDS.

“He has been pivotal with regard to AIDS education and prevention inside the city schools,” Lerblance said. He said Fletcher created AIDS programs for the schools and insisted on training teachers in AIDS education.

“Ed Fletcher was one of the first community leaders to recognize the seriousness of the epidemic and to courageously step forward to develop an educational program on AIDS, despite the fears and prejudices of others,” said county supervisor Leon Williams.


Fletcher, a colonel in the Marine Reserves with more than 30 years of active and reserve duty, worked as an elementary school teacher and principal, and assistant superintendent for the school district’s community relations division.