Diversity of U.S. Religions

The recent study on schoolbook challenges (“Schoolbook Challenges on Steady Course,” Dec. 7) is only going to get worse.

The far-too-often-quoted Rev. Louis P. Sheldon of the Coalition for Traditional (Christian Fundamentalist) Values in Anaheim is going to have an even greater challenge to his effort to establish Christian Fundamentalism as the one and only true and established state religion in his Christian America.

Soon the now 10 million American Moslems (latest count and growing) are going to be making their voices heard in the public school system. Soon, the likes of the Rev. Pat Robertson and the Rev. Lou Sheldon will have to face the reality that America is now, in 1990, a Judeo-Christian-Islamic nation with a strong and growing minority of Buddhists from Vietnam, China, Japan and Cambodia, all legally voting and intelligent American citizens.

Soon the educational system is going to have realities from all over the world that will turn the hair of Sheldon and Robertson Santa Claus white. And it’s about time.


America is fast becoming the first international and universal nation on earth. Let’s all wake up and smell the coffee, Rev. Lou and Rev. Pat!