Measure M Amid O.C.'s Urbanization

Personally, I am completely disgusted, not that it matters much to anyone else, but the attitudes bringing it on certainly should have a similar effect on the rest of the county. I refer to the two-faced attitude of our county politicos.

A month or so ago, there was a big hurrah about the benefits the passage of Measure M would have, how the dollars emanating therefrom would alleviate traffic and lessen air pollution and possibly put a chicken in every pot in the county.

Ever since the passage of “M,” the news is the same old song and dance. On a recent morning, the paper announces the OK of another 2,000 new homes. Last week’s paper announced the OK of several thousand new homes, and, of course, all this is added to the thousands and thousands of OKs already on the books but not as yet constructed. At the same time, some of our local cities are also contemplating the OK of more new homes.

There is no way in the world that Measure M, or any other like it, can possibly alleviate the current situation--much less keep pace with the new. Again, we have been “sold down the river.”


ALAN L. BLUM, Balboa Island