Losing Resources to the Politicians

In its refusal to protect our Significant Ecological Areas (Times, Dec. 2), the L.A. County Board of Supervisors has again demonstrated its cynical willingness to ignore its official responsibilities, i.e., enforcing the county General Plan. Instead, the members consistently exploit their powerful positions in order to perpetuate and enhance those positions.

What are the higher priorities to which (Mike) Antonovich’s and (Ed) Edelman’s aides referred? The $5-million battle to deprive Latinos of county representation? The multimillion-dollar fight to block the people of Malibu who voted to form their own city? Certainly not services to the poor and homeless, nor, until very recently, to people with AIDS. Nor, for that matter, are emergency or mental health care, priorities for the board.

We are losing irreplaceable natural resources while the supervisors reward their campaign contributors with the spoils.



Los Angeles