WORLD : Hostage, 5, Honored in Britain

From Times Wire Services

A 5-year-old British boy seen on television screens around the world when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein appeared with Western hostages won a prize today for his bravery during captivity.

Stuart Lockwood, whose encounter with Hussein provoked widespread condemnation of the Iraqi president, was given a Children of Bravery award by the Duchess of York, the wife of Britain’s Prince Andrew, at a London ceremony sponsored by the British magazine “Woman’s Own.”

Stuart was shown on Iraq’s “Guest News” television program being questioned by Hussein about how he and his family were being looked after by the authorities. Hussein patted Stuart’s head and ruffled his hair to the boy’s obvious discomfort.

Stuart was able to leave Iraq with his mother, Glenda, shortly after the television appearance when Hussein said all women and children could be freed.