The Times podcast: Baseball, the Iranian hostage crisis and Barry Rosen

Barry Rosen and other American hostages wave to the media at Algiers airport on Jan. 21, 1981.
Barry Rosen, left, and other American hostages wave to members of the media upon arrival from Tehran at Algiers airport on Jan. 21, 1981.
(David Caulkin / Associated Press)

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Four decades ago, Barry Rosen was one of 52 Americans held hostage for 444 brutal days in Iran. After their release in 1981, Rosen and the other hostages received a rare gift from Major League Baseball: a “golden ticket.” Signed by then-Commissioner Bowie Kuhn under the words “In Gratitude And Appreciation,” the lifetime pass entitled each hostage and a guest admittance to any regular-season game.


But when Rosen tried to attend a game this year, the New York Mets said they were no longer honoring his pass. What happened next showed just how much baseball continues to mean to Rosen.

Host: L.A. Times national correspondent Del Quentin Wilber

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