OXNARD : College Enjoys Ties to Japanese Schools

Oxnard College, which already attracts students from across Ventura County, is extending its reach across the ocean to Japan.

In a ceremony last week, the college kicked off a Sister College program with three Tokyo schools--Kokusai Seika Senmongakko, Kokusai Business College and Nishi Tokyo Cooks College.

Representatives of Tokyo Cooks College attended a morning class, led by students from Oxnard’s culinary program, on cooking Mexican food. Then more than two dozen representatives returned the favor in the afternoon by teaching Oxnard students how to make tempura and sushi.

College spokeswoman Jean Spencer said that although the program is in its early stages, it might lead to a long-term exchange program involving Oxnard and Japanese students.


There are 53 international students, representing 23 countries, among Oxnard’s 6,858 students, college officials said.