FLICKS FILM AND VIDEO NOTES : A Cool Cinema : The Conejo Village Twin Theater, home of admitted butter flavor and the Dinosaur Tray.


After spending the past couple of weeks watching holiday videos, you’ll probably want to be getting out. So, if it’s of any help, here is No. 10 in our series of Ventura County movie theater reviews.

This time we visited the Conejo Village Twin Theater in the Janss Mall in Thousand Oaks.

Food: It was refreshing to hear the guy behind the counter ask, “Would you like butter flavor with your popcorn?” Finally, an honest man, willing to admit that that stuff isn’t butter. Regardless, I said “no.” I had the popcorn plain. It was fresh and tasty. As for the quality of the hot dog, I can’t say. They were out of them the day I visited because the hot dog company forgot to make the delivery the previous night.

For the kids there is something cute called the Dinosaur Tray, which comes with popcorn, beverage and a picture of a dinosaur on the tray.


Restroom: Clean. Nice color coordination. Just one design problem--at least in the men’s room. It’s a very tight squeeze between the stalls and the wall. Some people could have a problem fitting through that space.

Theater: The best feature about the theater is the seats. They are comfortable, yet firm, so you don’t get that sinking feeling when you sit down.

Film quality: No problems.

Sound quality: Very clear, even in the back row.

Pre-movie ads: Zero.

Previews: Zero.

Comfort tip: Bring a coat, particularly if the weather is chilly. It was cold inside the theater.

Coming up: Keep an eye out for the third annual Film Festival at the Thousand Oaks Library beginning Jan. 12. It will feature three films: “Cry Freedom” (1987), “Black Like Me” (1964) and “A World Apart” (1988).