GULF WATCH: Day 151 : A daily briefing paper on developments in the crisis : Diplomatic Front:

Vice President Dan Quayle, on a visit to the Persian Gulf, met with Saudi Arabia’s rulers and said he wants them to provide more financial support to the gulf effort. The Saudis agreed.

European Community foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting Friday and may invite Iraqi Foreign Minister Tarik Aziz for discussions to try to avert war.

Political Front:

Senate Republican leader Bob Dole said President Bush should try again to arrange a meeting between Secretary of State James A. Baker III and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein because “the American people are not yet committed to war.” Reps. Les Aspin (D-Wis.) and Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.) shared his sentiments.


At the White House, 19 people were arrested in protests against U.S. policy. Among those seized: former priest Philip Berrigan, a leader of the peace movement in the Vietnam War.

Military Front:

Iraq’s ruling party warned that Iraqis and other Arabs will attack U.S. and Western targets worldwide if America and its allies move militarily against Iraq.

Major Contributors Pledging Aid:

* Saudi Arabia: $10 billion+

* Kuwait: $5 billion

* Japan: $4 billion

* Germany: $2 billion


* European Community: $2 billion