Citizens of the Global Village Think About the Year Ahead : CHINA

Times correspondents asked a variety of ordinary citizens in different countries about their hopes and fears for 1991. Their answers ranged from the blatantly political to the guardedly personal

Pan Ruhong, general manager, Elegance Industrial Co. Ltd., a Sino-American joint venture in the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong.

“We want to expand sales and profits. We can achieve this under China’s current policies.

“We can sell our silk garments in every corner of the world. We have this belief and determination. So we’re running our enterprise very well. The joint venture partners are cooperating happily, all of our employees are working hard and things are going fine for the entire company. This enterprise is highly productive and profitable.

“We make dyed and printed silk cloth and silk garments. We sell in the United States and Europe. What I worry about is the question of quality. We have first-class workers and first-class products and a first-class sales effort. I feel that within our domestic industry our quality is already of the top rank. But by international standards we still have some room for improvement. We’re trying to reach the top international standard. This is our ultimate goal. We’ll reach this through our own efforts, by improving our management.


“I’m really very optimistic. (Last) year’s production (was) 1.3 million pieces. (This) year we’ll produce at least 2 million.”