Cerritos : Civic Groups Given Option of Painting Curb Addresses

Nonprofit service groups in Cerritos will be notified that they are eligible to paint address numbers on curbs in front of the city’s estimated 15,000 homes in order to raise money for their activities.

Civic clubs always have had the option to raise money that way, but many of them sold fireworks instead. However, in November voters told the City Council via an advisory referendum that they wanted the sale and use of Fourth of July fireworks banned. The council subsequently passed an ordinance banning the holiday novelties.

Council members took up the issue at their meeting last week because they are anxious for the service groups, such as the Optimist Club, to find a new source of income to support their civic activities. The city staff was directed to mail letters to the groups explaining the opportunity.

Any person or group with a Cerritos business license can paint addresses on curbs and ask homeowners for a donation. For the past eight years, address numbers have been painted by Ray Barlow, an independent Long Beach-based contractor, said Dennis Davis, director of environmental affairs for Cerritos. The city does not compensate the painter for his work. He seeks donations of between $5 and $10 from homeowners.


The contractor must buy a city business license. However, the council said nonprofit community groups will not have to pay the fee.

For address painting purposes, the city has been divided into 22 geographic areas. Those who want to paint addresses must do so in a specific area that is approved by the city, and must paint the entire neighborhood. The city has specifications as to the size of the painted numerals.