NATION : Surgery Victim Wins $10 Million

From Times Wire Services

A woman won a $10-million jury award because her plastic surgeons went too far while reducing her breasts.

“I’m satisfied, but no amount of money could compensate for the amount of scarring and damage done to me,” 62-year-old Philomena Abruzzese said.

The Common Pleas Court jury award came almost seven years after she underwent the operation.

Abruzzese said she considered reconstructive surgery but was told that it would involve further scarring. “It would be entirely too devastating to me. I am too afraid to go under the knife again,” she said.


In her lawsuit, Abruzzese claimed that the surgery resulted in virtual breast removal, deformity, excessive scarring and psychological trauma. “She was robbed of her sexuality and womanhood,” said her lawyer, Sandra Girifalco.