War With Iraq

The House voted 250 to 183 to approve American military force against Iraq. The bipartisan measure (HJR 77) was sponsored by Minority Leader Robert H. Michel (R-Ill.) and Stephen J. Solarz (D-N.Y.) and advocated by President Bush. It was the most aggressive of three options the House was considering to give Congress a voice in America’s military role in the crisis resulting from Iraq’s takeover of Kuwait.

The Senate later adopted an identical measure and the statutory authority for the United States to wage war against Iraq, under the War Powers Act and for purposes spelled out by the United Nations. It was sent to the President for his certain signature.

A yes vote was to give the President authority from Congress to use U.S. military force to liberate Kuwait. How They Voted


Rep. Anderson (D): Yea

Rep. Dixon (D): Nay

Rep. Dymally (D): No Vote

Rep. Gallegly (R): Yea


Rep. Levine (D): Yea

Rep. Rohrabacher (R): Yea

The Democratic Alternative

By a vote of 183 to 250, the House rejected the Democratic alternative of giving diplomacy and economic sanctions more time to succeed before Congress authorizes military action against Iraq. The measure (HCR 33) was opposed by the GOP leadership and President Bush. It approved “the use of force at a later time should that be necessary” to evict Iraq from Kuwait, while asserting Congress has “all power to declare war” under the Constitution.

A yes vote was to use sanctions and diplomacy to deal with Iraq in the immediate future, with military action to follow if that strategy fails to remove Iraq from Kuwait.

How They Voted

Rep. Anderson (D): Nay

Rep. Dixon (D): Yea


Rep. Dymally (D): No Vote

Rep. Gallegly (R): Nay

Rep. Levine (D): Nay

Rep. Rohrabacher (R): Nay

Source: Roll Call Report Syndicate