Hancock Park School Diversity Cited, Lauded

In the discussion of the stimulating cultural diversity found in Hancock Park Elementary School (“Beyond the Melting Pot Part II: It’s a Small New World,” Jan. 14), there is a serious omission that should be considered: The variety of cultures present in the school is not being created by the school. It is a gift of the worldwide variety of national cultures.

The descendants of the present students at Hancock Park will not be able to present these enriching forms to the next generation because the present students are not receiving the focused program of foreign education that their parents (received). The diversity now present at Hancock Park may thus be a transient phenomenon. Such diversity can be permanent only if the world as a whole is protected from the kind of cultural homogenization to which the young people of Hancock Park are being subjected.

(Cultural) dilution is taking place at Hancock Park, as well it should if its pupils are to feel at home in the United States. But we must remember to value and protect diversity at the world level if our lives are to be enriched by diversity in the future.



Los Angeles