PLATFORM : Everybody’s Talking


I’ve never had a topic which took over so completely.

(We) ran a poll--and don’t ever pretend that it’s scientific--(and of) the first 1,000 calls, 74% said that if Saddam Hussein was to get out of Kuwait now, we should not take him at his word and we should go on fighting.

This is quite a change, and shows the breadth of support for the President. When you question them a little more you find the support is broad, but shallow.

I think (Saddam Hussein) also is angering most of my audience by the revelations of the growth of his popularity among Arab states. I’m hearing a little--but very little--Arab bashing, even though it’s becoming a news item.


The audience is absolutely torn. I would say it’s a 60/40, from the way I’m getting it on the air, in favor of the control of the press. If there is praise it is in the main for CNN’s overall coverage, but I’m now getting a lot of criticism of Peter Arnett staying there. I don’t support the criticism. I think he’s being brave and doing something really worthwhile.